Sunday, April 3, 2011

Not Everybody is Supposed to Read it

Music for inspiration. For writing. that's it. Now i can already start.
it's been so long I haven't written anything. Anything at all.
i wanna write a little kind of imaginary thing.
It's wierd i am writing.
i kinda feelin' a little bit sentimental.. so strange and even more disgusting.

Sooo, it's about love story. no, no, no. don't think it will be a banal story. I love you. bla bla bla and such kind of stuff.
let me tell you in a short and clear words.

a girl and a boy together. Love between them.
a girl and a friend.. Love but not between them. it's on one side...
a girl and a boy kissing...
 a girl and a friend walking together under the rain, on wet streets talking, looking, smiling.
 boy. he's tired. he's confused.
boy's friend. sad, emotional, crying.
boy's girlfriend. neutral, felling, not controlling.

there's so much cases when one boy isn't enough.

who's the main character  of the story?
oh, a friend.

1 comment:

  1. Yeah, A Friend
    It's a wonderful sentimental story