Friday, October 15, 2010

the strangest birthday ever!

event:  my birthday
date: 15.10.2010
age: 23
weather: rainy
gifts: none
celebrated: nowhere
started at: 14:30
finished at:  00:00
congrats:  a lot
the first congratulation: by sali (with pic)
unexpected congratulation: by "vulkani lava"
the last congratulation: by zaliko
extraordinary congratulation: by fadi
activities: chatting, saying thanks...
strangest point: going to village
happiest moment: my birthday cake
tasty moment: while eating ;) :D
guests: none
mood: satisfied
inexpedient place: train wagon


  1. " none.."
    ki, magram ratom?
    ვერ გავიგე, მილოცვას საჩუქარი არ უნდა?
    ოჰ, ეს ადამიანები.. ^^

  2. ki mivige mara 15shi ara, mogvianebit :D